Understanding Testing & Maintenance of Your Commercial Fire Alarm

Fire safety is essential – nobody doubts this. Some people believe that a well-designed system straight from the manufacturer is sufficient, but unfortunately, it is not. Fire alarm systems need regular testing and maintenance to perform properly and protect the people and assets you care about most.

Experience shows that the most common problems with fire alarm systems are battery drain, dirty or failed detectors, false alarms, ground faults, failed relays, and horn or strobe failures. The table below outlines each of these issues along with recommended testing and maintenance for them.

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Access Control Is No Longer Enough: Why You Should Consider A Hosted Universal Security Solution

If you’re tired of always replacing office keys, ordering new keys, rekeying doors, collecting keys of ex-employees, or are simply looking for a more secure way to give employees access to your building, you’re probably considering some type of access control system. An access control system allows you to monitor which employees come and go and at what times and to selectively give access only to those who need it.

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