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Enterprise Security Management Systems

TSG is a premier provider of enterprise class Security Management Systems (SMS). These systems integrate access control, video surveillance, intrusion alarms, fire detection, visitor management, electronic locking, communications and other security technologies into a connected universal platform and common user interface. The platform enables the various functional subsystems to communicate with one another, acting as one operating unit, and thus providing a greater level of protection and ease of use. (Imagine how inefficient it would be to operate each of these systems separately.)

The enterprise SMS effectively becomes the center of your security solution – so the choice, implementation, and on-going maintenance of this system is crucial. TSG was one of the first companies to implement these systems for customers and has stayed on the forefront of this technology through ongoing education, training, and day to day experience.

You will find TSG implementations of enterprise security systems in universities and colleges, governmental agencies, counties and local municipalities, utilities, school districts, manufacturers, service providers, airports, property management, and other industries.

The key to success of security management systems is Open Architecture. Open Architecture allows you to easily and cost effectively modify the system as your security needs change and grow.

Core Attributes of Enterprise Security Management System from TSG

  • Easy integration with virtually any solution
  • Pulls data from various systems and updates others
  • Gathers intelligence from multiple sources (e.g. access event, video camera, alarm)
  • Provides single operational view of incidents
  • Aids in coordinating response to events – initiating lockdowns, dispatching public safety, providing access to first responders, communications
  • Identification and automatic response to non-critical events
  • Creates audit, legal and compliance reports
  • Single user interface
  • Access via desktops and mobile devices
  • Capable of disaster recovery and redundancy
  • Supports multiple locations and geographies

Key Benefits

  • Provides more complete information for incident response
  • Streamlines operations
  • Saves money
  • Faster and more effective response
  • Enhanced security

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Hosted/Cloud Based Facility Security Systems

TSG is one of the few select integrators in Western New York to offer a true Cloud based security platform. Referred to as hosted systems the advantages of Cloud computing for security are significant. A hosted solution creates greater security, higher uptime, lower cost and faster, less disruptive service response.

Greater Security

Built to be secure from the ground up. The convenience of accessing your system from anywhere ensures
critical issues are addressed quickly.

  • All aspects of your system are watched over and maintained by experts.
  • Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and only communicates outbound so no inbound communication is permitted.
  • Most companies benefit from the layers of security and resiliency that AWS provides.

Hosted Access Control

Higher Uptime

Technical Systems Group is proud to partner with Feenics to provide their hosted access control products. Feenics hosts the system and database in Amazon Web Services and provides:

  • Hourly transactional database backups
  • Full point in time recovery every 24 hours
  • Monthly software updates
  • Offsite backups
  • All server, Windows, SQL, and application patching and maintenance
  • Redundancy. Our application is hosted from multiple AWS locations with automatic failover between locations. Creating this type of redundant architecture for your business could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Through Hosting we can provide this solution for as little as $25.00/month*.

Lower Cost

With TSG’s hosted security platform there is no need to purchase a server or dedicate an appliance to the security application. Not having an onsite server means that we save the expense of the server, but also maintenance, patching, updating, back-ups, and replacement costs. The cost for these necessary services combined with the cost for maintaining the access control application typically easily exceed the cost for having a hosted application. Contact us today and we will share our total cost of ownership calculator to show how Cloud computing can save you money on security.

Faster, Less Disruptive Service

The highly accessible nature of Hosted security applications means our technicians can securely access the application remotely and often can resolve an issue without needing to respond a technician to the location. When it is necessary to send a service technician to the site we send him there only after conducting a comprehensive diagnosis meaning the tech is well prepared to resolve the service issue on the first call. Lower need to respond to your location means less disruption and lower cost.

*Base instance cost.

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