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Access Control Systems TSG SecurityAccess Control Systems TSG SecurityAccess Control Systems TSG SecurityAccess Control Systems TSG SecurityAccess Control Systems TSG Security

Access Control Solutions

A comprehensive door access control system provides a balance between physical control and electronic detection. At TSG, we focus on the complete solution, not just the electronics. Our expert designers and installers understand locking solutions combined with electronic access control provide the whole solution to door access control. We back up these skills with comprehensive software and computing knowledge to create a complete access control system that keeps people and property safe from unauthorized access.

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Card and Fob Access Control Features

  • Control access to secure areas and facilities
  • Schedule times when people can enter an area or facility
  • Schedule doors to automatically lock/unlock
  • Create an audit trail to know who entered and at what time
  • Live monitoring of alarm events like door forced open or door propped open
  • Increase security by replacing keys with cards. A lost or stolen key can force expensive rekeying or worse create security vulnerability. Controlling access with card allows you to simply eliminate a card rather than rekey
  • Delete users access privileges quickly
  • Centralized or decentralized control to meet your organizations needs
  • Graphical maps allow easy command and control
  • Comprehensive reporting

TSG Value-Added Features to Access Control:

  • Scalable from a single door to a global enterprise size system through a single software platform –never replace hardware
  • Supports any credential technology such as cards, fobs, biometric and mobile devices
  • Gain the freedom of our open platform – you’re never locked into proprietary hardware. Open architecture design gives you the freedom to choose products that best fit your needs, and work seamlessly on a single security platform
  • Comprehensive integration with other security and safety systems including: video surveillance, intrusion alarm monitoring, intercom, visitor management, key control, identity management, building automation, asset management and more
  • Cloud-based or on-premise solutions. Secure cloud hosting through Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Supports the latest technologies in electronic locking, including wireless and POE locks
Access Door Systems Turnstile

Locking Solutions to Secure Any Opening

TSG offers complete physical security solutions for entrances, including mechanical and electronic locking solutions and powered door operators. Utilizing the latest technology from industry leading suppliers, TSG delivers comprehensive door security solutions for every opening. Our expert designers are continually trained in physical access control and locking and are able to design solutions that take advantage of wireless, hardwired, or Power-Over-Ethernet locking solutions to lower installation costs.

Features include

  • Mechanical Locking
  • Electronic Locking
  • Wireless Card Access
  • Online Access Control over Ethernet
  • Powered Door Operators
  • Turnstiles
  • Exit Devices
  • Door Closers
  • ALLEGION Certified Integrator
  • ASSA ABLOY Certified Integrator
Access Control Identity Management

Identity Management Through Card Access Control Systems

Trust an expert to help you select the right credential technology for your business. TSG has deployed nearly every type of credential technology. We can help users simplify the ID process; a single process can create the ID, capture the photo, and automatically assign access levels based on user group. Our fully integrated solutions save business customers money by eliminating the need for separate badge production and card access systems.

Eliminate infrastructure. Save time. Save money. Have a better user experience.

TSG has the experience and expertise to

  • Help your organization select the best credential technology.
  • Migrate from older less secure forms of credential.
  • Meet required standards like HSPD-12 and FIPS.
  • Integrate the photo badge production into the card access solution to provide a single database for all card holder records.
  • Employ data import tools to automatically populate card holder data, schedules and access levels from all types of databases including HR and LDAP.
  • Provide the latest encryption technologies to secure communications between the card and the reader.
  • Use your mobile phone as your credential.
  • Select from the best providers of ID printers, image capture cameras, signature capture and accessories.
  • Everything you need to protect and display an ID. Custom printed badge holders, lanyards, badge clips and more.
integrated security systems

Visitor Management That’s Both Welcoming and Secure

You can be welcoming, safe, and secure with an automated visitor management system. It’s important to maintain control over who enters your facility, how long individuals stay, and what area(s) of your facilities that visitors can access.

At many organizations, a paper log is still used. While this approach can be seen as fast and easy, it is significantly lacking in security and allows anyone to see who has been in your facility. With Visitor Management from TSG, you create an environment where employees, information, and equipment are all safeguarded. You also project a more professional image, improve security markedly, and achieve compliance with mandates for obtaining and auditing visitor information.

Advantages of automated visitor management

  • Look and perform professionally as you greet and check-in visitors
  • Enhance security and safety by knowing who is in your facility at all times
  • Limit visitor access to specific areas and control length of stays
  • Improve ability to locate visitors – exceptionally valuable in emergency situations
  • Perform analysis and create reports on visitor data, easily and comprehensively
  • Screen for felonies and sex offender status (watch lists), if desired, checking against publicly available background information
  • Gain maximum control over all aspects of visitation at your site(s)
  • Visitor kiosks available for visit self check in
Access Control Key Management Traka Cabinet
Access Control Key Management Traka Cabinet

Key and Asset Management

Key control is an important component of your organization’s total security operation and TSG’s key cabinets provide a highly accountable system for key management. Our systems secure keys for facilities, vehicles, and equipment and allow only authorized users to take only the keys they are authorized for. We can set curfews to make sure keys are returned and provide a complete audit trail of which user removed the key and when it was returned. We integrate the key management system into your organization’s security management system and link key cabinet events to video and access control to provide complete accountability.

Key Control Systems Benefits

  • Control access to keys
  • Keys are available 24/7/365 in a controlled unmanned operation
  • Schedule times when people can remove keys to control access to doors, vehicles, and equipment
  • Allow users to only remove the keys they are authorized for
  • Comprehensive audit trail reports who removed the key and when it was returned
  • Access keys with a pin code, card, fob or mobile device
  • Set curfews when keys must be returned. Automatically generate alarms for curfew violations
  • Delete user access privileges quickly
  • Centralized or decentralized control to meet your organization’s needs

TSG Value-Added Features

  • Scale from a single key cabinet to a complete campus or global deployment
  • Supports any credential technology such as cards, fobs, biometric and mobile devices
  • Hold contractors accountable for key sets
  • Intelligent lockers for mobile devices, radios, weapons and more can be provided that work similarly to the key cabinets
  • Comprehensive integration with other security and safety systems including access control, video surveillance, intrusion alarm monitoring, intercom, visitor management, identity management, building automation, asset management and more
  • Intelligent key fobs can track data when keys are returned. Upon returning keys users can be prompted to answer a series of questions about the asset they accessed with the key. Was the asset damaged while in use? Is maintenance required? Users acknowledge these questions and become accountable. Remotely located key cabinets allow time-saving, secure access for maintenance people and contractors

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