Access Control Solutions

Top notch security should be suited to you – that’s why we take such a custom approach when it comes to access control. Whatever you need secured, whether it be doors, windows, gates, or assets, we can design a system that meets your needs.

  • Scalable from a single door to a global enterprise size system
  • Open architecture system, so you’re never locked into proprietary hardware
  • Comprehensive integration with other security and safety systems, such as video surveillance and intrusion alarm monitoring
  • Support any credential technology
Access Control

Answer a few quick questions so we can get to know the challenges you’re facing. Once you’ve completed the quiz, we’ll give you a free on-site, overall security rating of your facility and give you our recommendation for the best system, custom suited to you.

Enterprise Security Management Systems

Our Focus is on a Complete Solution

TSG Security was created as an alternative to faceless, large, national suppliers. Our goal is to give customers the benefit of choosing different solutions from various vendors to meet exacting needs. This was a revolutionary idea in a market saturated with proprietary systems and poor service.

Our focus is on finding a complete solution and building a system that works together seamlessly, integrating whatever type of security you and your organization need most.

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Custom Solutions

Security is a complex, multi-faceted industry, with a vast number of systems, providers, and solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all-solution; our team works hard to provide a custom solution to meet your unique needs.
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Cost Effective

Budget is an important factor in your decision. We work closely with you to stay on budget and on time. We even offer staggered timelines to suit your needs and priority levels.
Long Term Results TSG Security Icon

Long-Term Results

By nature, security systems are preventative, and the typical band-aid approach is ineffective because it "solves" a problem that has already occurred. We focus on long-term results, yielding effective preventative measures that will last for decades to come.

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