We provide a complete solution

A comprehensive door access control system provides a balance between physical control and electronic detection. At TSG we focus on the complete solution not just the electronics. Our expert designers and installers understand locking solutions that when combined with electronic access control provide the whole solution to door access control. We back up these skills with comprehensive software and computing knowledge to create a complete access control system that keeps people and property safe from unauthorized access.

Major Benefits of Card Access

  • Control access to secure areas and facilities.
  • Schedule times when people can enter an area or facility.
  • Schedule doors to automatically lock/unlock.
  • Create an audit trail to know who entered and at what time.
  • Live monitoring of alarm events like door forced open or door propped open.
  • Increase security by replacing keys with cards. A lost or stolen key can force expensive rekeying or worse create security vulnerability. Controlling access with card allows you to simply eliminate a card rather than rekey.
  • Delete users access privileges quickly
  • Centralized or decentralized control to meet your organizations needs
  • Graphical maps allow easy command and control
  • Comprehensive reporting